A Fun Christmas Workshop with Lindsay, Nikki & Tase

A Fun Christmas Workshop with Lindsay, Nikki and Tase

In mid November for the last couple of years we have organised an “in house” Christmas workshop.  These events have been so successful and a group of members enjoyed another creative day on Monday.

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Lindsay, Nikki and Tase (and Ann) kindly organised three different activities and members spent about an hour and a half on each.

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Lindsay had prepared felt stockings and members were given a variety of glitzy fabrics and ribbons to decorate them with hand stitching.  

The second workshop was organised by Nikki.  We were given a piece of felt, a choice of sequin waste and then had to assemble and hand stitch decoration on the label.  Once mastering the technique it could be used at any time of the year for a gift.

The final workshop was led by Tase but organised and prepared by Ann.  Members were given painted papers, templates and cardboard to make Christmas cards. There was also a great choice of stamps to add decoration.

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Thank you Lindsay, Nikki, Tase and Ann for organising such a fun day.

Report by Ros

Photos taken by Ros and Lindsay (thanks Lindsay!)

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