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EG Members' Challenge 2020-21


Historically people have saved, collected and protected very important objects which mean everything to them, for all kinds of reasons. So much time, love and effort were invested in them that successive generations have revered them and many are still here for us to see and enjoy today.

The title for the Members’ Challenge this year is ‘EXQUISITE CONTAINERS’. The Embroiderers’ Guild Collection has been the recipient of the following three exciting donations which will be added to the main Collection.

  • From Val Campbell-Harding – a collection of embroidered bags and book covers
  • From Muriel Best – a collection of historical bags and purses as well as her own
  • From Shirley Ashmead – a collection of historical bags and needlework accoutrements

Members will have the opportunity to see these collections in the future but you can find many examples for inspiration using your computer, books or magazines. Please bear copyright in mind when designing your piece. Maybe you have a favourite heirloom that you can base your idea on? Maybe you have an item or collection that you would like to house in a precious container?

Examples of things you love could be in the list below:

  • Bags, purses, reticules to keep money, jewellery or makeup
  • Boxes for thimbles, medals, jewellery, letters, mementoes or music
  • Books for needles, poems, diaries, pressed flowers
  • Reliquaries for religious artefacts and mementos
  • Hussifs for thread, scissors, knitting needles, needles, pins
  • Embroidered book covers for poetry books, sketch books, diaries etc

Designs can be humorous, serious, personal, mysterious, fantastic, futuristic, and commemorative but all should be gorgeous. Your finished item/container/bag should be designed to fit within a 30cms square and be no more than 10cm in depth, although you do not have to send it mounted on a back board.

For full details of the challenge and how to enter, go the the Guild members area here (you will need to log in)