Take a Line – August 2018

Last year at a Guild meeting, Lindsay Sherwood came up with a great idea for showing the talents of members at the West Country Quilt and Textile Show held at the University of the West of England in Bristol from Thursday 30 August – Saturday 1 September.

The challenge was to create a piece of textile art in any colour and using any technique and materials, but with two provisos; the size of the piece would be 50 cms x 20 cms vertical and it would need some sort of line running through the piece 20 cms from the top.

Below are the 28 entries which were exhibited.  Click on any image and scroll through to see names.

Below helpers: 
Jackie & Lindsay                                Maria, Ann & Lindsay                Ros & Lindsay
​​ Stephanie,  Rosemary & Diana       Jackie & Ros
On behalf of the branch I would like to say very big “thank you” to Lindsay for all the organisation and hard work for this event.   

We are also grateful to Be Creative with Workbox for publishing Lindsay’s article and photos promoting our exhibition.

Report by Ros
​Photos  thanks to Lindsay

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