Beads & bangles workshop – Caroline Marriott


Eight of us enjoyed this month’s workshop with Caroline Marriott.  It was a lovely relaxing and stress free day.  At times the concentration was so intense you could have heard a pin drop!

Caroline began by talking us through the process to make our bangle to fit correctly for each individual and how to cover Pelmet/Craft Vilene with our chosen fabric, making two exact layers.  When this was completed, Caroline demonstrated various ways to decorate the bangle with pieces of fabric, ribbon, beads and machine embroidery.

Over lunch the chat turned to some of our other hobbies, then in the afternoon we completed our bangles and Caroline explained how we could use the techniques we’d learnt to make other items, such as brooches, belts, etc.  As she had brought examples of her work we were suitably inspired to go ahead and possibly make some Christmas gifts.

Members will be able to see our work at the next meeting.

Report by Celia B

Thank you Celia, Ros

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