Christmas lunch – 2014


On the first Monday in December we all enjoyed our annual “bring & share” Christmas lunch.  Each member was given a complimentary raffle ticket – we had a wonderful selection of prizes.


After lunch Paul Robins, who specialises in creating special effects for films and TV, entertained the group with stories and showed us various puppets and models he had made.  At the age of 7 Paul had been enthralled by Jason & the Argonauts and from that age he was fascinated by how things are made.  He prefers to do his research using books rather than the internet and he has a long list of suppliers.  He showed us a talking dog, a parrot on a stick and one of Harry Potter’s wands.  Paul ended his talk by explaining that only 5 puppeteers in the world are allowed to use Kermit the Frog and he is one of them.  Unfortunately, due to copyright, we were not allowed to take any photographs to record the day.

Reported by Ros

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