Design to stitch workshop – 18 February 2014

I was covering the Design to Stitch workshop for Chris Cook on Tuesday and the group learnt the technique known as faux chenille or stitch and slash work.  This is a process that involves layering up fabric, stitching usually in parallel lines and then cutting though to the base layer.  The top fabric can then be brushed to fray exposing the layers below. Maria had a better idea using her tangle brush which worked well – she even helped others with their pieces.  Further embellishment may be added with hand or machine stitching. 
Eleven members were present,  they all worked on the same technique using different combinations of colours and fabrics and the results were amazing. Some even managed to start embellishing their pieces before it was time to go.  I think they all enjoyed the day leaving with lots of ideas to try new pieces and to continue with work started in the workshop.
The images below show the members’ work.
Report by Sue Fereday
Photos taken by Ann Kingdon

Thanks for your input Sue & Ann!


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