Drawing the Line – Bobby Britnell workshop

The day after her talk, Bobby lead a workshop on Zoom.  Twelve of us had been sent a materials list and asked to prepare some card frames to use for our work.  Bobby spoke to us directly and supported her instructions using PowerPoint.

The course was entitled Drawing the line but we started off using our frames to create various squares in our sketchbook to show different tones using a graphite stick and we used paper resists to extend the exercise.  Having established the basics Bobby then asked us to use a thin line to create the tones instead of the graphite stick.  We then introduced a textured background of gesso and tissue paper and Bobby talked about how these designs can be transferred to textile projects.

During the day Bobby introduced us to a wonderful variety of artists who use tone in one way or another in their work. 

Thank you Bobby for an inspiring workshop.  You were very generous with your techniques and suggestions and I know we all left wanting to take your ideas further.

Below is a selection of members work.

Thank you to everyone who contributed.


For further information about Bobby’s courses and workshops at Moor Hall Studio:  https://www.bobbybritnell.co.uk/courses

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