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January 24, 2022 @ 10:00 am - January 31, 2022 @ 10:00 am


Zoom Workshop – two mornings (please ensure you can attend both sessions before booking)

Whitework is really an umbrella term which covers a huge spectrum of individual techniques, each with their own unique history, stitches and requirements. However these are all unified by the use of white/neutral thread on a white/neutral ground fabric. Many people are intimidated by whitework due to fears of its exacting nature and the fear of the time and eyesight required to work in white on white! Hence these whitework ‘buttons’ are intended to each introduce students to a different group of stitches from the whitework spectrum and are small and achievable. They are quick to complete with each button creating a lovely piece in its own right, or you may like to work several to display together. They look beautiful displayed in a box frame or can even be worn as a brooch if preferred.

You will be able to select from my whitework button designs in the workshop which are detailed further in the additional course information.

This is a Project Led Workshop and Jenny will provide Project Packs for sale plus a Basic Materials Pack. There will also be a Requirements List for equipment needed.

There are two Packs available – T

There are two designs available Heart Button and Rose Button for £36 each (normally £45)

The packs include all materials required including pre-printed fabric and comprehensive illustrated instructions.

The Basic Materials Pack is £4.50. and includes all needles and conservation quality glue etc.

Postage is not included in these prices.

Jenny has provided an Order Form and this will need to be returned to her by 1 December 2021 and she will invoice you by email before the Workshop.*

Jenny explains “Since the materials required for working this type of embroidery are highly specialised and can be difficult to source, we will be providing you with a full working project pack which will include all the materials required to complete the design. Since whitework designs can be tricky to transfer effectively to the fabric, these will be pre-printed for you. This will also include comprehensive illustrated instructions which will serve as an invaluable resource for future reference. We have found that if we ask students to source and purchase each material required themselves for very specialist courses, that this involves a great deal of time and difficulty. The overall cost is a great deal more expensive than a project pack, since you only need small quantities of each item and would need to purchase whole skeins etc. The project packs also mean that you can concentrate on stitch and technique during the course, rather than having to spend so much time on material and colour selection.”

Booking for this Workshop will open on Wednesday 3 November 2021

*Order Form &  Requirements List will be provided after booking and paying for a place.

View Jenny’s website here

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