Jean Freakley – April 2021

Jean Freakley 1
Jean Freakley
Jean was a member of the M&DEG since 2012.
At our meetings she was always ready with a friendly smile and happy to chat about anything and everything.
She loved the natural world, the countryside, wildlife and changing seasons and she would depict these often in her textile and embroidery work.
She was enthusiastic about textiles and embroidery and always keen to learn new skills. She enjoyed attending the workshops and  took part in the Design to Stitch courses and the Creative Textiles courses.
She also participated in the Take-A-Line and Circles exhibitions at UWE with her pieces The House on the Hill (Take a Line) and Maytime (Circles)
Thank you to Lindsay S and Julie B for your write up
Thank you to Lindsay S and Jean’s family for the photos


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