Jennifer Hughes workshop – September 2019

The day after Jennifer’s talk to the branch she kindly led a workshop entitled “Inspired by Chinese Ethnic Embroidery”.  This was a hand stitch workshop using folded pieces of fabric which were stitched into the form of a bird, fish or animal.

To start the day Jennifer showed us some samples which she and her friends had worked especially for this workshop.

Jennifer had also prepared outline shapes to act as a guide for our design.  
During the day Jennifer demonstrated a number of different stitches which were included on the traditional Chinese embroidery – pulling stitch, various forms of chain stitch and she showed us how to make a flat braid which was often used to outline the design.
We left at the end of the day with some lovely samples, well under way and knowledge of some great stitches which were new to a number of us.
Thank you Jennifer for a most enjoyable day.

Report by Ros
​Photos by Ros and Jennifer

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