Jenny Adin-Christie workshops

We had accepted places on the Jenny Adin-Christie workshop before Christmas so were looking forward to having to sit down and have a good reason for not dashing around anymore. Jenny had sent each of us a pack of material and threads needed for our buttons with a folder of the stitches. Several of us were doing Roses, one a heart and a couple of others. We were to have 2 x 3 hrs workshops.

The morning came and we sat quietly at home surrounded by all the equipment needed. The zoom started and Jenny began by showing us some wonderful samples of whitework that she had. Then business.  Fortunately, Jenny used an overhead camera so we could easily follow the tiny stitches she used in each of the different buttons. The 3 hours passed quickly learning the techniques for whitework, we were a mix of beginners and able embroiderers. All of us were given homework, to complete part of our buttons as we had been shown. And we all did as requested for the following week, the second zoom workshop! This one followed on, finishing the different techniques.

Jenny showed us some textiles from her collection of Whitework, some vintage. One, an Ayrshire panel was very decorative, and the centre showed 2 men sitting and chatting, one holding a tankard of beer.

When finished the buttons can be framed or worn as a broach. It was certainly a different type of workshop for me, and I enjoyed the challenge.

Report by Rosemary C.  Thank you so much, Rosemary.  Ros

Photos – Jenny Adin Christie & Vernice C.  Thank you both

If you would like to find out more, visit Jenny’s website where you will find more about her work and a useful shop.

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