Jessica Grady’s brilliant embellishment workshop on Zoom

Following her talk to our branch on Zoom, Jessica led an online workshop the next day.  It was the first time we had undertaken a live online workshop and I must say, under the circumstances, it could not have been more enjoyable.  Jessica had sent out a comprehensive materials list and listening to her talk, I soon realised I had numerous “found objects and materials” to add to my sample. 

We started promptly at 10.00 and Jessica explained she planned to record the session which she would make available to participants after the three hour class.  Until I viewed it briefly, I didn’t realise I had missed several snippets of information and additional techniques even though I was in front of my laptop for most of the morning. 

As an introduction Jessica talked about all the various things we could use as embellishments on our sample and then taught us how to make plastic sequins which was great fun.  From then on she gave us one suggestion after another and was extremely generous sharing her knowledge and techniques.  The morning flew by and I think I speak for everyone who took part when I say, Jessica this was really great fun.

Write-up by Ros

Jessica’s website:

Instagram:  @jessica_rosestitch

Facebook: @jessicagradyembroideryartist 

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