July 2020

JULY 2020

Hello everyone,

It’s now the middle of July, time does seem to whizz by. I hope everyone is ok and enjoying the sunshine, and the extra freedom we are having. The committee have been speaking together and trying to plan the future of our branch whilst keeping up to date with the changing Government guidelines and how they will affect anything we do for the foreseeable future.

With this in mind, we have a few things to tell you about –

1) Speakers and workshops -It will come as no surprise that we have cancelled our September meeting and speaker. However, Vernice has rescheduled Bobby Britnell for next year, so we can look forward to that. Whilst on the subject of speakers and workshops Vernice has done a great job of re arranging all of the speakers we missed this year and we will get to see them next year.

2) Our first meeting – We are working towards having our first meeting in October, which is also the AGM, and we will obviously be adhering to all Government Guidelines in place at the time. At this point we would just like to say that the Hall have put a very strict and precise cleaning regime in place, and we have complete confidence in their ability to comply with all the Guidelines. We will give you more information regarding this closer to the time.

3) Embroiderers’ Guild Subscriptions – From September the main Embroiderers Guild subscriptions will have to be paid direct to the Guild Head Office, this is to limit the handling of cash in branches. There will be a variety of ways to pay and the Guild will be in contact with all members individually during the Summer with details of how to do this.

4) Branch Subscriptions – Our branch fees will be suspended until March 2021. We have done this to make up for the meetings and speakers missed this year due to Covid19. We hope you are all in agreement with this.

We would like to thank you all for replying to our questions about returning, and we can now try and start to plan how we can organise meetings and workshops safely. Let’s try and stay in touch over the summer, take a look at the Facebook page – a group of us post things on there and have little chats, but it would be lovely to see some more of you on there. And also take a look at the blog if you haven’t already looked at it, and if you have any news or a piece of work you would like to share then send it to Ros rosalindlomas21@gmail.com and she will post it on the blog for you.

We would like to say at this time, that we are doing all we can to think ahead, but if anyone has any suggestions or ideas which they would like to share and help implement at this difficult time then we really would love to hear from you. I think it is only by working on this together that we will keep our lovely branch going and get back to the amazing speaker/workshop schedule which is all booked. So please let us know, our details are below.

Please be assured we will keep you informed every step of the way.

Let’s hope this lovely weather continues.

Take care, and we will be in touch soon.

Ann and Clare

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