Kathleen Murphy – “Thread Salad” workshop

As I love hand stitching I was particularly looking forward to this workshop with Kathleen.

She started by showing us work from four different textile artists who used hand stitching.  One was well known to us, Emily Jo Gibbs but the other three were new names – Magdalena Godowa, Kimika Hara and Natasza Niedziolka.  Below you will see details of their websites.

Before us on the table Kathleen had displayed various fruit and vegetables which she had cut open to show their insides and we were asked to choose one.  The challenge was then to replicate the fruit either adding appliqued materials or just hand stitch.  Below you will see the amazing results. 
Kathleen has another interesting sideline which she told us about briefly at the end of the day.  She makes truly amazing little people under the name of Murgatroyd & Bean.  I know my grandchildren would adore to hear the tales and to see these people so I do hope she publishes the stories one day.
 Thank you to Kathleen and her friend for a most enjoyable day.

​Report & photos by Ros

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