“Layered Landscapes” workshop with Margaret Heath – March 2013


Margaret’s preparation for this workshop was excellent  and this helped us with our choice of landscape at the start of the day. Each  person received a different photo of a landscape and scraps of voile in  relevant colours. By looking through a small window of card we chose an area of  the photo to use as an inspiration for our work and this made it far less  intimidating than trying to capture a large area.

Individual photos by Liz Clancy


Using a background of calico, we painted areas of colour  with well diluted fabric paints. Special emphasis was given to the sky as this  would remain free from embroidery. We layered our pieces of voile as an  indication of trees, fields, sea etc. These were secured using Bondaweb or a  bonding powder. Larger pieces of voile on top helped keep smaller bits  underneath in place and also created a “mood” to the picture.

Now came the fun part of creating our own work of art  with embroidery, either by hand or machine and by doing so we added details of  trees, bushes, fields etc. Margaret was always there to give advice but  encouraged us to make our own choices so that the finished piece would be our  own creation.

The day went so quickly and we each came away with the  beginnings of a textile masterpiece and a good basis for any future landscape  work. Some machinists had finished but those of us doing hand work vowed to  finish at home.

We are very fortunate to have members like Margaret who,  as well as being talented, are able to give us excellent and enjoyable tuition.
Thank you for a lovely day.

Judy Joiner

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