Branch Challenge – November 2020

20/21 Marlborough and District Embroiders Guild challenge

After an unforgettable 2020, we have all had to face times of quiet  contemplation.  There are things, keepsakes that remind us of what is precious to us, or perhaps things we have collected on our quiet walks during lockdown.

So we thought we could propose a challenge to our EG members to create a ‘vessel’ to keep some treasures in.  It could be a pouch, a purse, a box or a bag perhaps, something that is decorated in a finish of your choice.  You may like to embroider, applique, paint or weave a decorative finish.  The choice is entirely yours.  The size and shape is entirely up to you.

 This could be an absorbing, creative way to make a ‘memory’ piece that is very positive in this tough and memorable year.

 How about we then share our finished pieces early next year, who knows we may have face to face meetings! 

 By coincidence, the Embroiders Guild has created a very similar challenge outlined here.

Rather than be put off by this, it could be an opportunity to create something to share at Marlborough and District and then take it further to the EG (their deadline is 28th February).  They do have some tight constraints to their brief if you wish to be involved in both. 

 Some points of reference for inspiration, take a look on Pinterest at ‘textile vessels’; there is a feast of ideas to inspire if you need it.

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