Michala Gyetvai’s exciting workshop – “Enchanting Landscapes”

Michala Gyetvai’s exciting workshop – “Enchanting Landscapes”

The day after her talk, Michala organised an  exciting  and  enjoyable workshop entitled “Enchanting Landscapes”.  

MG workshop 3

What a talented members we have and I hope Michala is pleased with the results of her workshop!

MG workshop 16

Jenny C decided to do her own thing and just look what she created.  I think it is fabulous!!  

Thanks to Vernice C for all the photos.


Michala’s website:  http://www.michalagyetvai.co.uk/

Warwickshire Open Studios: https://www.warwickshireopenstudios.org/summer/2022/michala-gyetvai

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/MichalaGyetvaiartist/

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/michalagyetvai/?hl=en

One thought on “Michala Gyetvai’s exciting workshop – “Enchanting Landscapes”

  1. Lovely photos Vernice.
    It was such a fun and relaxing workshop. Michala is a very interesting tutor, before we started she talked for a while about different landscape artists which was very helpful and inspirational for us all. I always love the way we all do such different things at a workshop even though we all start off from the same place.
    thank you Michala.

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