Nuno Felting workshop - Mandy Nash – October 2016


Mandy Nash started her workshop by explaining the fibres and fabrics that can be used with nuno felting and how different types of wools give different effects.

Mandy then went on to demonstrate the first technique of nuno felting.  She laid out wisps of wool all over a square of muslin in one direction and changed the direction for the second layer.  Small pieces of fabric were added for decoration and then the sandwich was put between bubble wrap and a noodle was used for rolling.  After rolling and turning numerous times, olive oil soap was added at the end before throwing on the table to form the felt.
The second technique also used muslin but this time the wisps of wools did not cover all the muslin, they were laid down to form a chosen pattern.  The rest of the process was similar to the first.
Mandy was very generous with her tips and suggestions and we left the workshop with a lovely variety of individual samples.
Above are examples of Mandy’s work.

Thank you for a fun day, Mandy.

Report by Ros

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