October 2020

I have made the decision to drop the word Covid 19 from the title of our monthly blog.  Whilst this horrid disease is still very much with us, it is time to think of other things and to look forward.

Message from Clare

Work in progress – The Vale of Pewsey

Nearly finished – very Cas Holmes!

Clare 2 Oct 20
Clare 1 Oct 20

Message from Christine H

These are felt pieces, partly made with the embellisher then stitched into, beaded and foiled. Great fun to make but now I have to think of how to use them apart from hat decorations!   Suggestions please!

Ros:  I seem to remember doing a workshop many years ago making something similar.  My suggestion to Christine would be to put a pin on the back and make them into brooches – very acceptable Christmas present!


Christine H Oct 20

Message from Ros

I have just returned from two very relaxing weeks based in Totnes in South Devon.  It was great to get away to have time to dabble with my intense pencils in my sketchbook and to continue with the next chapter of my Sue Stone Course.

If you have ever visited Totnes you may have found the Fashion Museum in the High Street.  Unfortunately it is currently closed but they have put some images from their planned exhibition on their website.  Take a look – http://www.totftm.org!

In this chapter of Stitch your Story we were asked to chose a subject but only use three colours or tones.  With all these exercises it is difficult to know when to stop so I uploaded it to our private course Facebook page and asked others if I should stop at this point or continue to add more stitching for the hair.  The unanimous decision, including a comment from Sue Stone, was to stop.  So useful to ask others.

Can you guess who I have chosen for my subject?

Ros Oct 20

Savernake Embroidery

Hopefully everyone has seen the webpages  dedicated to the Savernake Embroidery project on the website, if not take a look!  https://textilesandstitch.co.uk/savernake-embroidery-2/

In addition to this record on our website we have also created a book.  One copy has been presented to Margaret Heath (left on her doorstep actually!) and the second copy is going to be available for Branch Members to look at and to be displayed at future exhibitions.  Here is a taste of some of the images.

Sav book 7 Oct 20

Message from Lindsay – work in progress

I wanted a piece to put on a wall that faces a window so I knew it would need to be unglazed to avoid reflections.
I have woven sari silk and various strips of fabric through the piece of stretched garden netting to create a linear design.

I am now adding sari yarn, buttons and beads to enrich it.
Lindsay Oct 20

Message from Annie J

Covid 19 wall hanging which says – Lockdown 2020….. a challenge to endure ….. or an opportunity to savour …. textiles kept me busy sane
Annie J 1 Oct 20

Also been doing some Gelli plate printing and printing with wood blocks 

Annie J 2 Oct 20

One of the Textile artist challenges was a journey in textiles but I did a journey in houses instead!  I’ve left space for the next house!   

Annie J 3 Oct 20

Thank you to all members who contributed to this month’s blog.   It’s continued success relies totally on “you” so please email photos of your work to me by the end on October.  

Don’t worry I will put a reminder on our Facebook page 😉


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October 2020

Welcome to the October newsletter

The covid-19 restrictions mean that we are all finding new ways to do the things we are so used to doing, and your branch committee is no exception!

On your new website, there is a members only section where we aim to provide engaging content, interesting speakers and links to a Facebook group where, as a branch, we can share our work, ideas and interesting links outside our community. This group is only open to existing members of our branch.

To start us off, we have our member Robina Orchard’s marvellous chasubles available to view. November and December talks by Anne Jackson and Alice Kettle will be available to access in real-time between 2:00 & 3:00 p.m. on meeting days by clicking on link accessible in members’ section or by email.  Links to lecturers’ own websites are listed in the branch programme here

We are trying to provide a limited programme for members in the form of some Rule-of-Six classes for Creative Textiles and a November Workshop by Alison Hume.  These are by way of being trials and ask you to bear with us whilst we organise these events.  We have our own rules and also abide by the Kennet Valley Hall website’s Covid guidelines, while also taking note of Guild advice and, of course, observing Government rules.  All these trial meetings are full at present, but we will advise of any further workshops, when available.

Please note that Branch fees have been waived until March 2021, but that Guild subscription is a condition of continued membership of our Branch. If you have not yet renewed your subscription, we hope you will do so in the near future.

We are also trialling Branch Zoom meetings with the first available on Wednesday October 7th at 2:00 p.m.  Details will be sent to current members and for a limited period to last year’s members too.   Using Zoom is reasonably straightforward but please bear with us as we try to become more proficient at managing meetings with lots of members!  Other branches are managing the process so we can too! You need to have downloaded the Zoom App in advance. 

We’ll keep you all updated with further opportunities to share online.  There are many great possibilities at TextileArtist.org for example, and on the Guild website, and via our blog and Facebook page, also accessible through our website.  It’s hard getting used to all this technology, but when it works it’s marvellous! 

All best wishes


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