Robina Orchard – Creating Chasuble


Originally the talk for the October meeting, our branch member, Robina, has kindly agreed to share images of her design and development of a series of chasuble and stoles she has created. Using the themes of earth, air, fire and water, Robina has documented her creative process. 

Initially testing colours in heat transfer dyes with various fabrics, Duchess Satin was selected as the construction fabric. Each garment was completed in the following steps:

  1.  The designs were painted on to blank news print paper using transfer inks
  2. The fabric was secured to a board covered with several layers of blanket, followed by 3 cotton sheets, the top sheet marked with squared lines
  3. The designs were transferred to the fabric using a domestic cordless steam iron
  4.  Applique details added
  5. Once all decoration was complete, the fronts and backs were joined

 Click here to see the chasubles on the Wellsprings Benefice website

Viewing the slides

There are 5 presentations to view; an introduction and 1 for each chasuble. Clicking on the image will take you to the slide show.

The arrow in the top right of the presentation allows you to make the slides fill the screen.

The magnifying glass at the bottom allows you to zoom in and out and the scroll bar on the right moves between the slides.


intro image

Pond Front image


Gold front image






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