2019 and Final Stages

January 2019

Jan 19Chris C how many pairs of glasses

In mid January 2019 Chris C, Judy J and Margaret came to Ros’ house in Corsham.  Now that the individual plants have been stitched on organza they have been attached to the background of this Prospect hanging.  We were continuing the very time consuming task of blending the plants into each other so you don’t see where one plant ends and the other begins.  Photo shows Chris C free machining onto water soluble paper – how many pairs of glasses?

We started at 10.00 and after a snack lunch we continued until 3.00.  Great day stitching, chatting and contributing towards this amazing project.  Detail from two of the panels

March 2019

First time all three panels are photographed together.  Very exciting!

Mar 19 Complete

Stitch Day – 29 April 2019

A group of members add stitch to the background of the Savernake Embroidery.  

April 19 Stitch Day 1

Top image: Sally Baggs, Sally James, Ann Johnson, Margaret Heath & Diana King

Bottom image: Maria Fraser & Sally James

July 2019

Photos showing progress

June 19Summer detail

Detail of summer panel

Corsham photoshoot

It was arranged for me (Ros) to meet Margaret Heath and Helen Owen from the Prospect Hospice on 10 January for me to take some photos of the framed Savernake Embroidery.  No, they were not in the Right Angle Framing Shop where I had expected to find them but opposite as they had taken over John Parker’s shop for the professional photographer to take photos!  What a great idea of Steve Hible’s (owner of Right Angle Framing) as there was lots of light and a loverly white wall on which to hang the three framed embroideries.

Above – Savernake Embroidery – Spring, Summer & Autumn inspired by Robert Byron’s poem, “All these I learnt”.

Jan 20 detail 1 2
Jan 20 detail 2 1
Jan 20 detail 3 1
Jan 20 detail 4
Jan 20 detail 6

Detail from the Savernake Embroidery before it is glazed

Jan 20 Steve

Steve Hible from Right Angle Framing in Corsham

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