Stitch, Slash & Stitch workshop – Wendy Lloyd

The day after Wendy Lloyd’s inspiring talk she led a workshop entitled, Stitch, Slash & Stitch.

We were asked to bring a selection of fabrics together with our sewing machine.  This was the first time in two years I had taken my machine to a workshop so it was quite an exciting event.

Wendy started the day by explaining to the group of 16 members the principles of the technique and we then brainstormed the various considerations for the choice of fabric, colour, direction of fabric, layout of design and other possibilities.

Wendy WS 1

Everybody was asked to make a pile of 6 or 7 fabrics, stitch and then slash them creating a sample using a simple star like pattern.  Once slashed we used a hard brush to rough up the fabrics and create an interesting fringe like effect on the surface. Some of the wonderful examples are below.

Wendy had brought an exciting selection of sample designs with instructions and it was then up to us to decide which ones were of interest.

By the end of the day the hall was full of colour from the brilliant work which had been created but my goodness, what a lot of loose threads on the floor!!!

Wendy L WS 5

Thank you Wendy for a great day.  You were an extremely attentive and generous tutor sharing your creations with us and guiding us through the process.


Report & photos by Ros with Wendy’s permission

Copyright Wendy Lloyd

Wendy’s new website is under construction but do check it out:


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