Summer Exhibition – June 2018

I have divided the images from our Summer Exhibition into sections, one for the overview and another for individual pieces.  I apologise to some members because, with the lighting in the hall and the fact that their work was displayed under glass, the images are not as good as I would have liked.   If anybody would like to send me a better image of their work I would be very happy to replace it and if I have omitted an image of your work I apologise and can easily insert it.

​The first few photos are of the organising committee, helpers and members demonstrating their various skills. 
Image 1 Amanda & Ann
Image 2 Christine H, Maria, Ann, Clare, Nikki, Margaret H & Susanne
Image 3 Ros, Ann & Clare (thanks to Sue from  See their website for the full article)
Image 4 Clare, Judy & Robina and a lady doing Turkey work (please send me her name someone!)

Overview photos of the display boards and tables.  The children’s project which Maria organised is under a separate posting before this one.
Individual pieces from the Summer Exhibition are displayed below.  I have not included any “Take a Line” exhibits on purpose, only an overview, because they will be posted in early September after the West of England Quilt and Textile Show to be held at the University of the West of England (UWE) on Thursday 30, Friday 31 August and Saturday 31 August.
Once more our grateful thanks to Ann S and her committee for making this Summer Exhibition 2018 such a great success and thank you to all our members who helped and submitted their work.

Report and photos by Ros

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