Angie Hughes – Inspiring and unforgettable “Waterworld” workshop

It is not very often that you spend a Monday morning listening to a truly inspirational and talented textile artist.  Our June workshop unfortunately had to be taught over Zoom but Angie Hughes was extremely well organised and she shared a wonderful variety of techniques with the theme of “Waterworld” with emphasis on using soluble materials.

Angie sea weeds inspiration 2
Sea weeds for inspiration

Angie started by showing us an image that she was using as inspiration for the workshop and talked about various textile artists she admired and who used soluble materials in their work.  She then went on to show us various videos which showed the use of soluble material and film.  The first was of a grid of nine different squares to practice the different options for creating using soluble fabric and emphasised the importance of ensuring that everything connects otherwise when soaked in water you will be left with a pile of thread rather than a structured design.

Angie Grid 2
Grid for water soluble practise

We were shown how to make various sea related components which we could then bring together on a background.  The first was a fishing net, then various types of seaweed and finally shaped barnacles.  Angie then talked about making covered cord and adapting them to make them more like knobbly seaweed.

During our tea break Angie introduced us to various books which showed the use of soluble fabrics including those written by Jan Beany, Carol Shinn and Meredith Woolnough.

Finally everything had to be brought together on a background which was covered with free machine zigzag stitching and Angie talked about the possibilities of attaching the various seaweeds and barnacles.

Water finsihed
Bringing all the elements together on a background

This was such an enjoyable and informative morning and I know everyone took away with them so many ideas and techniques to add to their work.

Thank you Angie

Write up and photos Ros

Apologies for the quality of some of the photos, they were taken off my laptop!  Hopefully better things to come in the next few months.

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