Art in Action – July 2014

Our annual outing this year was to Art in Action at Waterperry House near Oxford. 

It was my second visit and I must say I enjoyed it as much this time as last however it was a very warm day.  At Art in Action there is something to interest everybody with work from a selection of the best artists, craftspeople and designers on display.  Unfortunately most of the prices were beyond our reach but it was so exciting to browse and add things to our wish list.
There were 20 stands in the textile marquee and here is a selection of our favourites.
Sara Fordy – surface pattern using indigo.  Lovely selection of shibori dyeing and several of us had this super sofa on our wish list.

Amanda Wright – lives in St David’s with her husband, David a ceramicist. They have their own gallery in Goats Street.   Amanda uses coloured yarns on canvas with a bonded backing. Her themes are taken from the natural world focusing on the local environment and the bird life.
Carol Naylor – creates landscape designs on canvas using the machine.  Some stitching is done on the top, some from the reverse using thicker threads in the bobbin.
Roanna Wells – takes photograph image (crowd formations) and using black thread and  seed stitch, replicates the image on calico.  In Roanna’s current project she uses a photo of a crowd standing by hairpin bend.  Good eye sight!
Harriet Riddell – I first saw Harriet at Alexander Place last year and immediately recognised her very distinctive work.  She draws portraits using free machine embroidery on her machine.  Recently she has visited India and exhibited several pieces of work done on the streets.
My grateful thanks to Vernice for sharing some of her photos

Reported by Ros

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