Aunties – Sheila Davies shares her memorable childhood

Sheila Davies

Aunties – Sheila Davies shares her memorable childhood

Sheila arrived with her husband, Rob from Wales for a two day visit to Marlborough with a car loaded with colourful, exciting textiles with lots of stories attached.

Sheila started her talk by telling us she lost her father as a young girl and was brought up by her mother together with what seems a wonderfully talented group of aunties, some related, some not.  Each time Sheila mentioned an Auntie she showed us examples of their work and various tales about their background.  Sheila’s mother was obviously a very tidy lady and I found it amusing to hear that as a child, she loved to visit untidy houses and those with lots of animals.

We were introduced to Auntie Emma, who ran a Guest House in Devon, two Auntie Lil’s, one who taught Sheila to tat and another who was a dressmaker and was very untidy.  Then there was Auntie Peg who was a Head Teacher and enjoyed embroidery.  Auntie Zilla enjoyed crocheting and Sheila explained that she would send her work to Ireland to be made up into table clothes with Irish Linen.  To her joy she is now the proud owner of several of these table clothes.  Auntie Bula was Shelia’s Godmother and she lived in an untidy house with lots of animals.  Finally Shelia talked about Auntie Blod who was a quilter.  She looked after children and had the first bathroom in the street. 

Sheila went on to become a Primary School teacher but continued her love of embroidery at Barry College.  As the years progressed it was obvious where her true interest and talents lie and Sheila followed a City & Guilds course and then went on to teach herself.  Sheila has developed her own very distinctive 3D style and now offers talks and workshops.  We were fortunate to learn some of these amazing techniques and stitches when she returned the following day to show us how to make her colourful 3D Jungle bags.

Write up and photos by Ros


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