Jan Tillett Bug Workshop

Jan Tillett Bug Workshop

Jan arrived ladened with paints, amazing Indian wood blocks and lots of colourful fabrics.  We too had brought car loads of materials, aprons, rubber gloves and threads together with our sewing machines. 

Jan started by showing us a variety of finished book covers to give us an idea of what was possible with her designs.  We looked at different fabrics to use and Jan printed several samples with a variety of beetles, ants, bees and ammonites. 

Sparkly glitzy bugs

It was then our turn and we were encourages to make a variety of samples to take away and use later. 

The next stage was to add glitz and snippets of fabric to one print before layering them with calico, wadding and net.  Then it was free machine embroidery time which I really enjoyed as you have to concentrate on what you are doing and time seemed to fly by.

Unfortunately there was not sufficient time to complete the process but Jan kindly demonstrated how to mount the finished embroidery and how to create a wonderfully simple but very effective cover for a book.

By the end of the day everyone had produced a lovely selection of printed samples one of which had been taken further with free machine stitching.

It was a very successful workshop and Jan was so generous with her materials, sharing her techniques and her support and encouragement throughout the day.

Thank you Jan and we hope you will visit us again one day.


Write up and photos by Ros


Jan’s website:  https://www.jantillett.co.uk/

Jan’s Facebook page:  https://m.facebook.com/people/Jan-Tillett-Textiles/100063556333333/

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