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Angie Hughes – Waterworld

3 hour zoom workshop

June 14, 2021 @ 12:00 pm

During this workshop you will look at the different types of soluble films available, how they work and understand their uses.

British coastal flora will be the inspiration, seaweed has a lot to offer when it comes to design and texture. See two images below.

There will be a discussion about artists such as Meredith Woolnough, Jan Beaney,  Maggie Grey and others who use soluble films to great effect in their work.

Angie has described the format for this workshop, as follows

Initially, after chats and hello’s, students will be muted (though you can unmute to ask a question)

·        There will be a series of filmed demonstrations with live commentary (filmed because the image is often clearer in screen sharing, it also means that Angie can concentrate on talking and answering questions, pausing etc.)

·        Some slide shows during student time to entertain the ones that are only watching.

·        Plenty of time for students to experiment and ask questions.

·        A PDF handout with back up material will be sent out before the event.

·        The Workshop can be recorded and saved on Zoom (password protected) students can download it to keep but it will be deleted after a month.

·        When booking a place you will need to confirm if you are happy to be recorded during the workshop.

If you would like a place on this workshop, please email Vernice on vernice_63@yahoo.co.uk

The cost for a place has yet to be determined as it depends upon the numbers booked, but it is unlikely to be more than £30. The method of payment has yet to be confirmed.

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