Helen Deighan – Coil pot workshop


A group of 15 members were led by Helen on her last ever workshop, and we all enjoyed learning how to use plastic-covered rope wound with a variety of textiles and machine-sewn with a small-ish zig-zag stitch to make a small shaped bowl. 

The effort and concentration involved were mighty, but we all managed to achieve pleasing results.  The great variety of results was a testament to the use of the variety of materials we used – from sari tops to striped or flowery light-weight cottons and silks  – and whether we had turned over the edge of our strips, or left it raw.  Twisting the material to cover the rope and then holding it with a small clip,  was rather time-consuming but Helen assured us that we can do this while watching TV with practice.  Holding the rope straight while machining was quite absorbing, and we learned that altering the tension allowed us to produce pleasing curves and in-out gradations in our vessels. 

We were encouraged to pre-dye material or to dye pots after completion using her dye in a plastic bag method.  We also learned an easy way to turn down edges of strips using an iron and a strategically placed pin which delighted everyone. 

Helen was a delightful, fascinating and encouraging  guide, and we wish her well in her determination to devote herself to further inventions in her own studio.

Report and photos by Clare R

Thank you, Clare!  Ros

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