Ruth Issett workshop – October 2013


At Marlborough & District Embroidery Guild we are fortunate to be able to invite nationally and internationally known speakers and tutors.  This week has been no exception as a group of us had the opportunity of attending a two day workshop with Ruth Issett.

Ruth’s work is instantly recognisable because of her use of vibrant colours and she has written a number of books on colour, dyeing and printing.


The two days were centred around printing on paper and then material using acrylic and fabric paints. We used a variety of print blocks, print rollers and mark makers and Ruth circulated the room making suggestions and passing on her years of experience.


Having produced a number of printed samples we ended the workshop by applying procian dyes to our fabrics.  We rolled each one up separately in polythene and Ruth advised us to try and wait for 48 hours before rinsing out the excess dye.  My samples are currently on my utility room floor and I look forward to seeing the end result tomorrow.


Fortunately a visitor, Pippen was very well behaved because he would have made some wonderful paw prints had he got into mischief!

On behalf of all participants I would like to thank Ruth for leading a most enjoyable workshop and for being so very generous with her time and techniques. We do hope that you will return one day and teach us some more.


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