Sketchbook group – first meeting – Aug 2013

Over the years we have heard so many textile artists talk about the importance of keeping a sketchbook.  At a recent meeting Maggie H kindly offered to set up a group of members who would be interested in “trying” to meet the challenge creating a page a day.
Yesterday four of us went to Maggie’s house for what turned out to be a  fun afternoon.  We were asked to bring paper, a small square spiral sketchbook, Pritt stick and pencils.  After a chat about everybody’s  expectations Maggie turned on some music to relax us and we were given our first  task using A4 paper. 

PictureBeatrice & Harry helping Granny Vernice with her homework!

Two hours passed amazingly quickly and before leaving we agreed  the date of our next meeting in October.  At home we now have various tasks to do to achieve our goal of “one page a day”. 

Thank you Maggie for your time and for helping us get  started.  We look forward to October!


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