Wendy Dolan workshop – Architectural Textures

Fifteen of us gathered at the hall for Wendy’s “Architectural Textures” workshop and despite the unexpected March sunshine we were all happy to be inside drawing and stitching.

Wendy is an enthusiastic and encouraging tutor and she was more than happy to help those of us with little experience of free machine embroidery.  She was well prepared with lots of samples and pieces showing the different stages of her techniques.  Her instructions and demonstrations were clear and informative with many of those “handy little tips” which make things so much easier when you are back at home trying to finish the piece on your own and read your scribbled notes. 


At the start of the workshop, Wendy announced that if anyone wanted to do something a bit different and go off at a tangent, she was quite happy with that. Clare took her at her word and as she had brought her paints, proceeded to “do her own thing” with the image of a terraced house.  The images used by members as their inspirations were varied and ranged from church windows, doors, arches, gates, medieval buildings and two very recognizable images:  Devizes Market Place fountain and the Chrysler Building!!

Seeing all the individual pieces at the end of the day was interesting and as always fascinating to see how everyone’s interpretation of the technique is so different.


It was good to welcome new member Joy Ash to her first workshop and also Lynda Harrison, the Chairman of Salisbury Branch, who came to see how Marlborough do things.

All in all a very enjoyable day, where we all became so engrossed in our stitching that we forgot to keep an eye on the clock and this resulted in a frenetic packing up session. 

Photos & report by Vernice Church – thank you Vernice!

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