Young Embroiderers – reported by Christine Hill

During the Easter holidays, our Young Embroiderers had a busy workshop. Here is evidence of their work. 
The four bookmarks based on plastic canvas were made and completed by girls between the ages of 6-8 and this was only their second session with YE so they did very well.
The amulets were made by the older girls (10 – 14 years). They found this project which was based on interlock canvas quite a challenge and most did not finish although they took the necessary materials home to finish the pieces later. They followed instructions regarding stitching and shaping but chose their own colours which  look wonderful. 

The finished piece with a strap worked in canvas has a silk backing stitched onto the whole piece and then the strap can be folded over to make a loop so the amulet can be hung from a cord and worn. (Being teenagers they will probably come up with some way of using them which we had not considered !)  A couple of the girls decided to stitch their squares onto their pencil cases and not make the straps. 

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