Covid 19 – September 2020

September 2020 blog

September Committee Meeting

Today is 7 September and although we did not meet as a branch we did have a Committee meeting in the car park at Kennet Valley Hall.  

Ann and Clare will be in touch to give you further information about the exciting things we have planned for members.

As you can see we were all seated well apart so much so that I only just managed to get Amanda on the left of the picture and completely cut off Stella.  So sorry, Stella!

Committee meeting Sept 20

A big “thank you” to each Member who contributed to our September Blog.  Ros

Message from Kay F

I’m sending a few pictures of my completed projects, many of which have been incomplete for quite sometime! I’ve also done curtains and cushions.

Having shielded for 5 months I’ve begun going out and about a bit more. When eventually  Guild reopens I hope to be there.
The stitching group we have in the Village,  have had a couple of garden meetings which has been great. There was more catching up than stitching

Message from Clare R 

I bought a nice frame and mount in Marlborough High Street and its setting off a Lockdown embroidery rather well I think .

Clare R Sept 20 rotated

Message from Amanda R

In these covid times I have taken to making greetings cards. My husband Harry loves his allotment so I embroidered a tiny 3d one for him. He was very delighted. Its Co. Pete with shed, bean canes, bonfire, compost bin, weeds and some vegetables! It’s no masterpiece but I had fun inventing and ‘planting’. 

Message from Annie F

I have attached a photo of my latest effort inspired by the lockdown post card challenge which I really enjoyed.   This one is the Potting Shed, a mixture of applique and embroidery on Hessian which seemed a suitably rustic  medium for the subject.  

Annie F Sept 20

Message from Vernice

In the May Covid Blog you showed my unfinished piece from Linda Miller’s workshop. I have now finished the figure but have not yet decided what the background will be.

Vernice Sept 20 rotated

Message from Tase

The pattern is called Heyday Dungarees by Made by Jack’s Mum. Organic washed linen from Higgs & Higgs.  Straight forward to make, didn’t take too long (about 6 hrs ish.  Pattern adjusted to remove 2 ” in length and could do with more.   Used my embroidery machine for the pocket detail.


Message from Hazel P 

During lockdown I was busy making a surprise photo book for my daughter’s 40th birthday in August.
The cover of the book was an image of a thank you card I really loved and so had saved as a pdf.
Originally I thought of making a patchwork folder using fabric off cuts from her childhood dresses – but I didn’t have enough to make it interesting, and couldn’t bear to cut up the only bought dress I still had.
So I sent away to Prinfab in Faversham Kent to have a Fat Quarter printed on medium weight calico.
I decided to make a protective cover for the book, and chose to do padded machine embroidery, but with a smooth enough finish for it to be slotted on a bookshelf.
The added benefit was that it wasn’t obvious at first sight what the present was.
Hazel P 3 Sept 20

Message from Judy J

I belong to the Great Western Embroiderers and before lockdown we had been preparing for an exhibition with Japan as the main theme. We  had a challenge to create a 12inch by 12inch piece of work for this and I  chose to illustrate a koi carp. The fish is gold fabric applique with bead embellishment. The bamboo and ripples are  painted bondaweb which is then cut and ironed on to the background. We hope the exhibition will  go ahead next year as part of Swindon Open Studios.

Judy J Sept 20

Message from Ros

I have been rather busy with the new website this month so unfortunately have not done as much stitching as I would have liked but I did find time to do one sample for my Stitch your Story course –  Hair.  I limited myself this time to the suggested four samples and this has been less challenging but still useful.  

In mid August I went on  a one day workshop to learn how to stitch stretch jersey using an overlocker.  Great fun and I am over the moon with the result and my decision to make the T-shirt long sleeved.  My dear friend Ellen runs her own business teaching dress making classes, workshops or one to one so if anybody is interested do look her up.

I have now started the next module of Stitch your Story so hopefully have something to show you next month.

Message from Ann S

A few images of a piece in progress . Using a variety of image transfer, collage and stitch inspired by boats and sea and cliffs .

Ann S 3 Sept 20

Message  from Maria 

With time on my hands, or so I thought, at the beginning of lockdown I decided to have a go at a hand stitched project (not my forte)! so I started a Noah’s Ark blanket for my new baby grandson – which is still very much a work in progress! All hand stitched applique on polar fleece using blanket stitch, back stitch and straight stitch. Slow going but very therapeutic and so exciting as it comes to life.
Two weeks ago my sister, who is the owner of several sewing machines and a long arm quilting frame, came to visit and suggested we take a trip to Salisbury and take in Franklins while we were there. At this point I should say that my own solitary machine is a 49 year old workhorse. Well, as you may guess, I was not allowed to leave the shop empty handed. Two hours later I was the proud owner of  a Juki NX7. Photograph provided. My husband now thinks his too long trousers, bought 3 years ago, might stand a chance of being turned up! I don’t like to dissolution him!!!
Maria 1 Sept 20
Maria 2 Sept 20

That’s all for this month.  

The feed back this morning from the Committee was that everyone has enjoyed seeing members work in the Blog so this will continue.

Please remember this will only be successful if YOU contribute too!  Please email photos in jpg format (if possible) any time during the month to  My aim is to post monthly to coincide with our meeting so the last date for October blog will be Friday 2 October.  


Covid 19 – August 2020

Covid 19 - August 2020

August already and as I sit in my workroom there is a clear blue sky in front of me.  The weather forecast for the next couple of days is going to be very hot so possibly time to do some stitching in our cool lounge. I do hope you are starting to get out and about again and possibly thinking about a “staycation”.

Our Facebook page has been quite active and I do hope you will consider joining.  See Ann’s last newsletter for details.  It is a closed group so only invited people can join.

Below are photos I have received from members this month.  I am very grateful to them because without their contributions this blog would not happen.

Contribution from Clare R. 
​Inspiration from her garden and “work in progress”.  I wonder who it is! I will be interested to see how this progresses.  Thank you so much Clare

Clare garden rotated
Clare lady rotated

Contribution from Judy J. 
I’ve spent a lot of time in the garden and read a lot more so haven’t done a lot of sewing. 
Despite several attempts, I can’t get the colours right. I’ve been working with my beads and soutache (Russian braid) but I’m not sure how I’m going to use it. It will probably end up as part of a box. I always tell myself not to do something symmetrical as it’s more of a challenge but as you can see, I’ve made it difficult for myself again so progress has been slow.   
Your bead work is amazing Judy, thank you for sharing this!

Judy J 1 Aug

Contribution from Christine H. 
Crazy patchwork with an Indian theme. I have been working on it for some time and enjoyed building it up with a mixture of hand and machine embroidery. Now I have to decide what to do with it! 
Love the colours.  Thank you, Christine!

Christine hill Indian

Contribution from Ann K
​After a 7 month absence from the sewing room I’ve been making up for lost time and having a play.  I’ve also made face masks for me and hubby.  The masks have now been modified to a state where they are wearable in relative comfort!  A friend sent me the Pam Ayres poem which sums it up very well!
I’ve been playing with crazy patchwork – something I’ve not tried before, and this is the result.
I’m planning on doing some Shibori indigo dying next week so have been preparing the fabric and trying different designs.  I’ll post the results afterwards.
We will look forward to that Ann.  Great weather for dying!  Thanks for your contribution.

Ann K Mask
Ann K Pam Ayres Poem
Ann K 1 Aug
Ann K 2 Aug

Contribution from Amanda R
Slightly unusual project just finished, a wigwam for my grandson’s 2nd birthday. It was fun to make. ​
And what a lucky boy to have such a talented Granny – hours of fun ahead.  Thank you Amanda!

Amanda 2 Tent
Amanda 1 Tent

Contribution from me
I am continuing with the light-hearted theme.   No stitch involved but I thought I would share my grandson’s 7th birthday card.  I try and choose their current interest and Minecraft is the order of the day.   More recently I managed to get hold of a pack of Harry Potter fat quarters and oh, wasn’t I flavour of the month!  I would not have been surprised if he had gone to bed with it on.  Pikachu masks are for his brother.

Also as you can see, I am slowly continuing with my Sue Stone course, Stitch your Story and this month I have been concentrating on mouths, lips and teeth.  As with my previous samples, some are better than others but that is how we learn!  As suggested, I have tweaked a couple with Intense pencils, which I adore.

Ros minecraft
Ros masks
Ros mouths2

Contribution from Annie J.
I tried Momigami with Cas Holmes (Sue Stone’s Stitch Club) and used the paper with textiles to produce a landscape ready for stitching to add some texture. May use all 3 together as a triptych or none depends on the final results!
​Thanks Annie.

Annie J 3 Aug rotated
Annie J 2 Aug rotated
Annie J 1 Aug rotated

Contribution from Lindsay
It has been exciting watching the progress of Lindsay’s garden design.  She tells me that the machine embroidery is finally done and now lots of beading and hand embroidery to do, but she needs a break. 
​We are certainly going to have some amazing work for our exhibition next year.
Thank you Lindsay!

Lindsay Aug

Well that’s all for this month.  I hope you enjoy seeing members’ work and I do hope you will consider contributing something for September.  If I could have images emailed to me by the end of August, it would be appreciated.


PS Just received an email from Maria apologising for not sending anything this month.  She is well and just been busy catching up with her family.  Getting her priorities right!!