Fun summer workshop – stitched denim pockets

Several months ago it was suggested that we collect old denim pockets with the intention of decorating them with stitch for use at our exhibition in June next year.

A group of members gathered together on Monday with their old denim pockets, needles, threads and assortments of accessories to embellish them.

When we have an invited tutor visit us to teach a workshop,  there is always a lot to learn and very little time for chat.  This day was completely different as everyone did their own thing and there was a whole day to stitch and catch up with good friends.

Below are the pockets in progress

The choice of stitch, thread and accessory was completely our own so it was great to see such a variety.  Two members had brought their sewing machines but the majority chose hand stitching.

Summer pockets 22
Summer pockets 18

While we were all busy stitching and chatting, Annie was kindly sorting out our wonderful library.  We have a great selection and thanks to Annie it will be so much easier to see what is available to borrow.

Oh yes, and thank you Annie for making the delicious cake!!

Summer pockets 1

Great day.  Now we have got to decide what to to with these denim pockets.  Bunting, competition, display?  I wonder what we will decide.

Do remember to ink in the dates of Friday 7, Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June 2024 for our exhibition.

Photos and write up by Ros

Summer Party with a difference!

Summer Party with a difference!

We are coming to the end of our second year as an independent textile group so this was a great opportunity to have an informal get together and a good old chat.

The tables were beautifully decorated with summer flowers and a salad lunch was provided followed by delicious selection of puds prepared by members.



Summer Party with a difference!
Summer 23 1
Tase Xmas 10
Tase's favourite quilt

Now you will understand why I have entitled this post, Summer Party with a difference.  It’s July and here we are now talking about Christmas.

For those who really adore Christmas, forward planning is an important part of their lives so I had to chuckle when, after lunch, Tase got to her feet and started telling us about her collection of Christmas quilts.   She had brought her treasured quilts in the most enormous blue suitcase and by all accounts, a few were still missing.

Tase explained that each quilt had its special place in her house, some covered tables, some hung from the walls and some had practical jobs – place mats or tree skirts.  She has still got her kid’s stockings even though they are grown up and have children of their own!

Tase Xmas 2

Members, do remember to put the date of Monday 16 October in your diary because Tase will be leading a workshop entitled Christmas  Mug Rugs.  So what is a Mug Rug?  Well, according to Tase it is a mini quilt, large enough for your mug of coffee AND a slice of Christmas cake.  We live and learn!

You will be notified when bookings open for this workshop.

Thanks Tase, it was a fun afternoon!

Photos by Ros