Design to stitch workshop – 18 February 2014

I was covering the Design to Stitch workshop for Chris Cook on Tuesday and the group learnt the technique known as faux chenille or stitch and slash work.  This is a process that involves layering up fabric, stitching usually in parallel lines and then cutting though to the base layer.  The top fabric can then be brushed to fray exposing the layers below. Maria had a better idea using her tangle brush which worked well – she even helped others with their pieces.  Further embellishment may be added with hand or machine stitching. 
Eleven members were present,  they all worked on the same technique using different combinations of colours and fabrics and the results were amazing. Some even managed to start embellishing their pieces before it was time to go.  I think they all enjoyed the day leaving with lots of ideas to try new pieces and to continue with work started in the workshop.
The images below show the members’ work.
Report by Sue Fereday
Photos taken by Ann Kingdon

Thanks for your input Sue & Ann!


Amanda Hislop – February 2014


Textile Amanda Hislop was our visiting speaker for our February meeting on Monday.

Amanda started her talk by telling us that she trained at Farnham College specialising in weaving and included painting as her second subject.  She then went on to become an art teacher for 17 years in Wantage.  After a school merger she decided to change track and she became a self employed textile artist using the skills she had been taught for weaving, her drawing, painting and stitch.  She showed us her grandfather’s sketchbook which she obviously treasured and displayed numerous other sketchbooks showing her initial inspiration for various pieces of work.  Amanda concentrates on land and seascapes and has a wonderful collection of sketches, drawings and paintings to call upon.


She displays her work with Prism, the exhibition group founded my Julia Caprara.  Last year the title was “Liminal – crossing the threshold” and she showed us the seascape she created.  Amanda is currently working on this year’s project and showed us her work in progress.  She generously explained her technique in which she creates a collage on calico using various papers, paints, stitches and finally seals with acrylic wax and highlights with markel.

Amanda concluded her talk by telling us about her various workshops this year at the Oxford Summer School, Missenden Abbey and Art Van Go.

The next meeting of the Guild will be on Monday 3 March at 14.00 hours when the speaker will be Wendy Dolan and her talk will be entitled “Creative Stitched Textiles”.  Doors open at 13.30 – all are welcome and if you require further details please contact 01249 750865 or visit our website

Reported by Ros