Jennifer Hughes workshop – September 2019

The day after Jennifer’s talk to the branch she kindly led a workshop entitled “Inspired by Chinese Ethnic Embroidery”.  This was a hand stitch workshop using folded pieces of fabric which were stitched into the form of a bird, fish or animal.

To start the day Jennifer showed us some samples which she and her friends had worked especially for this workshop.

Jennifer had also prepared outline shapes to act as a guide for our design.  
During the day Jennifer demonstrated a number of different stitches which were included on the traditional Chinese embroidery – pulling stitch, various forms of chain stitch and she showed us how to make a flat braid which was often used to outline the design.
We left at the end of the day with some lovely samples, well under way and knowledge of some great stitches which were new to a number of us.
Thank you Jennifer for a most enjoyable day.

Report by Ros
​Photos by Ros and Jennifer

Jennifer Hughes – September 2019


After what seems a very long break Jennifer Hughes got our programme under way again with a very interesting talk entitled “Hats and bound feet”.

​Jennifer brought with her a wonderful personal collection of costumes, hats and shoes which she displayed for members to enjoy.  She explained that in the past Han Chinese women would stay at home and were respected for their embroidery.  To start with it was the upper classes who stitched but in time the craft filtered down and women would buy silks and threads from pedlars.
​Chinese girls had their feet bound from the age of 5 as women were not expected to do anything. The big toe was left and the remaining four were taped back.  Nobody saw the foot bare and a sleeping sock would be worn at night times.  It was considered a status symbol as well as a mark of beauty.
Jennifer then went on to show a variety of hats which were embroidered with a variety of animals, symbols and flowers.  She explained that pom poms and tassels were added to children’s hats to keep spirits away and a tail at the back of a hat identified that the wearer wanted to be a scholar.

Report and photos by Ros

Circles – August 2019

You may remember last year Lindsay S kindly organised a display of members work to exhibit at the West of England Quilt and Textile Show which takes place annually at the end of August at the University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol.  “Take a line” was so successful that members were keen to take part in the 2019 show.

This year Lindsay asked members to create a piece of work using a canvas 20 cms x 50 cms and include a circle/s somewhere in the design.  The technique, topic and colours was completely up to the individual.  

Thirty two canvases were submitted and just look at the wonderful variety of techniques, themes and colours.

Left to right:     
Image 1                                        
Chris C – Paper Circles, Fiona H – Hurricane Irma, Clare R – On Another Planet, Sally J – My Garden 
Image 2
Jackie B – Sepia Seeds, Tase W – Freshwater East, Linda W – Crop Circle, Judy J – Have you got any “O”s? 
Image 3
Dawn V – Pewsey Vale Circles, Annie F – Mid Summer, Nikki VW – Dandelions at Sunset, Jean F – Maytime       
Left to right:
Image 4
Julie B – Hubble Bubble, Sue F – The Windmills of your Mind, Kathy P – Five a day!, Diana K – Raggy Orange
Image 5
Maria F – Triffids and Roses, Robina O – Circles in Nature, Ros L – Kaffe Galaxy, Hazel P – Patchwork Orange
Image 6
Stephanie N – Eddies, Lindsay S – Diesel, Lexie Bray – Champagne Fizz, Christine H – Blue Planets
Left to right:
Image 7
Yvonne M – Emeralds & Amethysts, Lindsay S – Paua, Ann K – Rhapsody in Blue, Rosemary C – Circles Sampler
Image 8
Marion R – Solar System, Ann K – The Hare and the Moon, Ann S – Rusty Boats, Susan V – The Eyes Have It!

Some of the comments from the visitors!
Image 1 – Diana & Stephanie, Image 2 – Jackie & Nikki, Image 3 – Ros, Lindsay & Rosemary

​A very big thank you to Lindsay for organising everything, for designing the stand and for co-ordinating the project.  You are a star Lindsay!

Also a big thank you to members who went over to Bristol to talk to exhibition visitors about our wonderful work.  

Report by Ros
Photos by Ros and Lindsay