Jennie Rayment workshop – “Suduko with Texture” – September 2014


I was not sure what to expect the following day for Jennie Rayment’s “Suduko with Texture” workshop.  If we laughed as much as we did yesterday how would we ever be able to complete the project?


I must say the day was one of the best workshops I have attended.  Jennie’s instructions were first class, she demonstrated each stage of the 9 square suduko twice so those wanting to rush ahead could do so whilst those who wanted to take more time were not left behind.  Each square showed a different technique and Jennie told us the aim was to finish the project in the workshop and I think most of the group achieved this.  I would like to add some embroidery and beads to my work but this can be done in due course. This workshop helped me considerably with my current module of City & Guilds as I had to learn about fabric manipulationand also  research Jennie Rayment as a textile artist.


Everybody was focused all day with little time for chat but we ended the session with a super joke from Jennie which stills makes me giggle two days later. 

Thank you Jennie for being so generous with your techniques and a fun workshop.

Report by Ros

Jennie Rayment – September 2014


This was the first time since I joined the Embroidery Guild when I spent most of the monthly talk in fits of laughter.  The name, Jennie Rayment, was known to me but I did not realise that she was such a wit and raconteur.  Jennie’s talk was entitled “Trials & Tribulations of the Travelling Nipper & Tucker” so I might have guessed we were in for fun.  Jennie travels the world talking to groups, attending conferences and shows and giving workshops showing her fabric manipulation in the form of tucks, pleats & various textures a number of which are transformed into quilts.  She has written a several books and has a regular slot on the Create & Craft TV channel.

Jennie told us hilarious stories about her travels whilst displaying really beautiful quilts which show her techniques.  They included various incidents at airports, the challenge of buying a pair of tights in the USA and the time she caught her skirt in her hotel bedroom.  The grand finale of the afternoon was Jennie transforming into a Bunny Girl serving a tray of drinks.

The next meeting of the Guild will be on Monday 6 October when the Branch AGM will be followed by a Show & Tell and member Kath Danswan’s talk will be entitled “Travels with a Needle”.  The doors will open at 13.30 and the meeting will start at 14.00.

Reported by Ros